NACHW COVID – The Truth Behind the Lies

NACHW COVID is a viral Instagram account that promises to offer you the truth behind all of your favorite celebrities’ social media posts. With over one million followers on Instagram, it’s no wonder why this account has become so popular.I decided to investigate more about NACHW COVID and what makes this account so successful. Here are my findings.

NACHW COVID – What Started it?

NACHW COVID was created by Jenna Marbles in 2015. Her YouTube channel, Jenna Marbles, has over nine million subscribers. Creating a viral Instagram account like NACHW COVID is no small feat and Marbles was successful in doing so with her talent for creating entertaining content. With a large following on YouTube and an idea for a new Instagram account, she did everything she could to promote the account. She started posting images of celebrities that were edited to show their true identities or the truth behind their posts.

However, her popularity quickly turned into controversy as people began accusing her of being fake and damaging the credibility of their target’s work and brand.

How is NACHW COVID Fake?

NACHW COVID is fake because it consistently uses images from other social media accounts without crediting the original source.

For example, when NACHW COVID posts a picture of Jennifer Lopez on Instagram, they often use an image from Jen’s official Instagram account without credit. They also use images from celebrities’ personal social media accounts without crediting them.

Another way that NACHW COVID is fake is because they are constantly changing their caption to make the post seem newer than it actually is.This can make it seem like their account is more popular and has more followers than it truly does.

The most obvious sign that NACHW COVID is fake is how it keeps its captions vague. It doesn’t say who made the post or what the post was about so if you’re not paying close attention, you might miss something important about your favorite celebrity’s work or brand.

How does NACHW COVID Damage the Celebrity’s Work and Brand?

Many people are quick to write off these posts as a joke and a hoax, but I believe that there is some truth behind these posts.They also show that the celebrity is not always living up to their image, which diminishes the authenticity of their work.

It also shows that these celebrities don’t always live up to their reputation, which diminishes their credibility as well. There may be some truth in this theory due to its creation date before any of the target stars had become popular on social media.


NACHW COVID is fake. There is no evidence of any of the videos. The only way it could be real is if everyone goes along with the idea that this is fake and it’s an April Fool’s Day joke.

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