DVDFab 9.3 Is Here, And It’s A Big One

When it comes to video editing software, DVDFab is a name that typically spells quality. The 9.3 update for the software is no exception, and it packed a lot of new features and improvements. We’ve rounded up some of the most notable changes in the 9.3 update for DVDFab here, so read on to learn more about what you can expect from this powerful video editor.

What’s new in DVDFab 9.3?

DVDFab 9.3 is a highly anticipated update to the popular DVD and Blu-ray ripping software. The new version includes a revamped interface, support for more disc formats, and other enhancements.

One of the most important changes in DVDFab 9.3 is the new user interface. The new design makes it easier to navigate and find what you’re looking for, whether you are ripping DVDs or Blu-rays. There are also more options available at each step of the process, making it simpler and faster to get your discs ripped and copied onto your computer.

DVDFab 9.3 also supports more disc formats than ever before, including: Amazon Instant Video discs (.m4v, .mp4), Bollywood HD DVDs (.bhd), Camtasia Studio 8 discs (.mov), Disney (2160p) Blu-rays (.blu-RAY), Dune HD Blu-rays (.hdd), FandangoNOW (1080p/720p) movies (.mp4/.mkv), Galeon (ISO/MDS/CUE) movies (.iso), Hi10P (HDTV) files (.ts) from PS3/PS4 consoles, iTunes Store (HDTV)/iTunes Movies rentals (.m4v) and Vudu HDX (1080p/720p) movies (.mp4).

Other enhancements in DVDFab 9.3 include: improved support for watching encrypted BD

What are the enhancements?

DVDFab is a powerful and comprehensive DVD copying and backup software that can copy both unprotected and protected DVDs. The new features in DVDFab 11.0.2 include:

– Support for 4K Ultra HD video playback
– Enhanced Blu-ray copy performance
– Improved support for multiple languages

How to install DVDFab 9.3?

If you’re like most people, you probably use your computer to watch movies and TV shows on your home entertainment system. Maybe you’ve tried to rip a DVD or Blu-ray disc and it’s not been working so well. Maybe you’ve just been wondering how to do it. DVDFab is here to help!

DVDFab is a powerful program that can help you rip and burn DVDs and Blu-ray discs. It’s also capable of playing back video files from USB drives, SD cards, digital cameras, and more. To install DVDFab 9.3 on your computer:

1) Download the installer from our website (http://www.dvdfab.com/download/). You’ll need to register before downloading, but this is only a one-time process.

2) Run the installer on your computer. You’ll need to accept the license agreement first (it’s just a few short questions). After that, click Next to continue with the installation process.

3) The installer will now ask where you want to place the program on your hard drive (you can leave it in its default location if you want). Click Next after selecting the appropriate location.

4) Now comes the tricky part – choosing which features to install! The first option is for converting DVDs and Blu-ray discs . If this is something that you plan on doing frequently, we highly recommend installing the full version of DVDFab

How to use DVDFab 9.3?

DVDFab 9.3 is a major update that includes new features and improvements for both users and developers. Here are some of the highlights:

-Improved user interface and performance
If you’re looking to encode or decrypt your own videos, DVDFab 9.3 has a bunch of new features that make it even easier to get the job done. First up is the added support for 4K UHD Blu-ray discs. This means you can now rip your favorite movies and watch them in all their shiny, high definition glory. You’ll also be able to use DVDFab to create backups of your movie files so you can always have a copy on hand if something happens to your original media. Finally, if you’re looking to play your movies on devices that don’t come with built in support, like TVs, DVDFab now supports HDR10 output formats so you can get the most out of your compatible hardware. Next up is the addition of Dolby Vision output formats which will let you enjoy playback on devices that have Dolby Vision capabilities. DVDFab 9.3 also offers

DVDFab 9.3 Released With A New Copy-Protection Removal Method

The new copy-protection removal method, ProXploit, is a powerful tool that can decryptcopy-protected DVDs and Blu-rays with ease. It uses an advanced algorithm to automatically find and exploit the vulnerabilities in the copy protection system. Once the protection is removed, the movies can be played on any player without any issues.

DVDFab 9.3 also includes several other improvements and fixes. The new version has improved performance when burning discs, support for more file types when creating backups, additional subtitle options for MKV files, and more.

If you have a copy of a movie or game that’s copy-protected with one of the common protection schemes, DVDFab 9.3 is worth downloading to try out its new ProXploit removal method.

DVDFab 9.3 Review: One Step Closer To Ultra-Fast 4K Copy

DVDFab 9.3 is the latest version of the company’s popular DVD and Blu-ray copy software, and it brings with it a number of new features and enhancements.

One of the most impressive new features in DVDFab 9.3 is its ability to Ultra-fast 4K copy discs. This means that you can now make ultra high-definition copies of your DVDs and Blu-rays at speeds that are up to three times faster than previous versions of the software.

This makes DVDFab 9.3 an extremely valuable tool for anyone who wants to be able to easily backup their movies and TV shows, as well as create perfect copies for use on other devices.

In addition to its powerful 4K copy capabilities, DVDFab 9.3 also brings with it a number of other new features and enhancements:

A redesigned interface that makes using DVDFab easier than ever;
The ability to burn discs using ISO images;
The addition of support for a wide variety of media formats, including MKV, AVI, MP4, MOV, etc.; And more!

DVDFab 9.3 Review: The Latest Version Of A Great DRM Removal Tool

DVDFab 9.3 is the latest version of the popular DRM removal tool and it comes packed with a wide range of new features and improvements. Here’s a look at what’s new in this latest release:

-Support for more than 60 new DVD/Blu-ray titles
-Improved support for 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray movies
-Improved handling of some subtitle files
-Enhanced support for Windows 10

DVDFab 9.3 – Latest Update Brings Some Great Changes

DVDFab 9.3 is now available to download, and it features a number of great changes including: The addition of new restoration modes for Blu-ray and DVD files
The ability to add subtitles to video files
A brand new UI that’s much easier to use
And more!

If you’re an avid DVDFab user, then you’ll want to download the latest update as soon as possible. Not only does this version feature some great new restoration modes, but it also has a brand new UI that makes using the app much easier. Plus, there are some other minor updates and improvements included too. So if you’re looking for a powerful yet easy-to-use DVD and Blu-ray disc ripping tool, look no further than DVDFab 9.3!

DVDFab 9.3: More Than Just A Software Update

DVDFab 9.3 is here! And, it’s a big one. This update brings a ton of new features and enhancements to DVDFab 9.2, as well as some bug fixes and performance improvements. Highlights of this update include:

New features:

– Added support for decoding H.265/HEVC files with the new Intel® Core™ processors;

– Added support for reading Blu-ray 3D discs using the PS3 BD-Player App;

Enhanced functions:

– Updated the interface to be more user friendly and organized;

Bug fixes:

– Fixed a problem that caused the software to crash when certain file types were imported into it;

Performance improvements:

– Improved speed when burning DVD discs or extracting files from DVD discs;


If you’re a fan of ripping and encoding DVDs, then DVDFab 9.3 is definitely worth checking out. This new update includes a raft of new features and improvements, so be sure to take a look! In addition to all the usual DVD tweaking and fixing, there are also some great additions including the ability to change audio track inMKV files (something that was previously only possible with VLC), as well as better support for importing Blu-ray discs into your library. So whether you’re just starting out or looking for an improvement on an existing workflow, DVDFab 9.3 has something for you.

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