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Eyes are our mirrors to the world, it is because of the eyes we can differentiate between colours, record information and also recall information at the time of need. The process of ageing is natural. Anybody who has been through the process of ageing will first have an impact on their eyesight. The usual complaint that comes from people is the vision becoming unclear, hazy or cloudy, the major reason why we have heard eye doctors saying that the person has developed a cataract.



A Cataract is the normal clouding of the eye lens which is a result of the degeneration of protein fibres that are vital while trying to ascertain a certain vision. The process of cataract however is a slow and gradual process that develops over time. The process of cataracts however can be resolved at the early stages before the process transforms into complete blindness. Let us first understand the symptoms of cataracts that can be treatable at an initial stage.


  • Blurred or ghosted vision: The person suffering from cataracts can have a distorted image or a ghostly vision that can make it difficult for the person to focus.
  • Having an eye injury: A severe injury in one of the eyes can lead to degeneration of the eye fibres that facilitate vision and thus hamper the visibility of an individual.
  • Exposure of the upper body to radiation treatments: The exposure of the upper body to certain treatments can lead to problems such as degeneration of eye tissue that help in the process of viewing and registering things in the mind. Therefore it is always advisable to wear protective equipment while opting for radiation-related treatments.
  • A lot of screen time: As per a reputed doctor who has been assisting all well-known eye hospitals in Punjab “Excess of screen time exposes the eyes to the blue radiation emitted to laptops, mobiles and tablets which gradually leads to an accelerated deterioration of the eye tissue.
  • Poor nutrition: Poor nutrition is also one of the major reasons for the appearance of cataracts as to a famous Eye doctor in Punjab who has been performing cataract surgeries in Jalandhar from the beginning of his career “ The fundamental building block of the eye lens is vitamin A just the way the fundamental building block of the bone is calcium.



  • A cataract is hereditary: Cataract is not entirely hereditary, it is merely a bi-product of the process we know as ageing, cataract cannot pass on from one individual to another in the case of family history.
  • Cataract surgeries are very costly: Cataract surgeries are not always on the higher side, some hospitals empathise with the financial constraints of a person and do provide services at a nominal charge including the hospital fee.
  • Cataract spreads by looking: No cataract is not a disease that spreads by looking even a dreadful eye disease like conjunctivitis does not spread by looking, the infected person’s pus when comes in contact with the person who is healthy and manages to enter his eye fluids that is when the infection spreads and causes harm whereas cataract is a process of ageing and not a communicable disease.

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