How to address the labor shortage problem in HME billing

A recent survey by Right Management (a subsidiary of Manpower) of workers in the U.S. and Canada, reported that 44 % of employees complained of being unsatisfied in their jobs, according to a recent FORBES article. Whereas in the same article, nearly 32 % of respondents stated that they wanted to leave their jobs and the reason is mostly frequent burnout, especially in the healthcare domain. Considering the economy and high unemployment today providers are not only worried about finding the right team to manage the billing operation but also at a cost effective rate to do it all. If you too are worried about finding the right team to manage your HME billing operation, then it’s time to end all your worries, as Sunknowledge Services Inc a leading RCM destination with more than 15 + years of experience is here to help. 

With a team of expert professionals to manage both your pre and post HME billing operation, Sunknowledge experts today are part of many leading names in the industry across the US. With excellent industry references for the customized RCM solutions we offer, we today are part of billion dollar industry.  

Helping you with better ROI at a cost effective rate which no other RCM organization can guarantee, our experts without compromising on the billing standard and productivity metrics are popularly known for the highest collection in the industry. Eliminating all the unnecessary expenses that you might often end up wasting on the training fee or in software etc; partnering with us saves you from all those hassle and operational expenses by 80 %.  

With a team of professional billers and certified coders to work constantly on follow up and checks to ensure cleaner claims submission, our expert further guarantees an accuracy of 99.9 % reducing your chances of rejection and denial of claims. Reducing your old aging backlog accounts receivable, our expert aids in leaving no cash on the table. Offering your complete operational transparency and customized reporting for you to understand all the loopholes and HME billing problems. We further work on improving them and ensuring seamless billing transactions from day 1 itself.  

With a team of medical professionals that delivered world-class HME billing solutions and reducing staff turnover while creating a better company culture, we help you access better patient care, satisfaction and management.  

So, if you are looking for complete operational extension support to manage your HME billing operation, we are here to get you improved ROI, a faster reimbursement and better business prospect. 

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