5 Steps to Better Prostate Health

Many men are unaware of what the prostate is; while some might be aware, they are unsure of what it is, its function in the human body, when something is not right with the prostate, and when to reach out to a doctor if there truly is a problem. Looking into health supplements like Prostate 911 can keep you on the right track to keeping your prostate healthy. This is why this article is here for you. In this article, you will understand the prostate and all you need to know about it.

What Is a Prostate?

The prostate is part of the male reproductive system. It is an elastic gland that is found between the bladder of a man and his penis, deep inside his groin. This gland is as small as a ping-pong ball in size. It is located just in front of the rectum, and the urethra, which is responsible for letting urine cycle out of the body, runs through the center of the prostate, from the bladder of the man to his penis.

The prostate is that gland that discharges fluids responsible for nourishing the sperm and protecting it. It is an integral part of the male reproductive system responsible for reproduction. It does this effectively by supplying some seminal fluid that mixes with the sperm, helping it to transit and survive during intercourse.

The prostate becomes more prominent as the man advances in age; at age 40, the prostate may have grown from the size of a ping-pong to the size of an apricot fruit, and at age 60, the prostate should have become lemon-sized.  The prostate also functions during ejaculation as it squeezes fluid into the urethra alongside semen and sperm. Knowing all about your prostate, including its function and location in the body, is one of the ways you can better understand how prostate cancer develops, and the best possible ways to stay healthy and free from prostate cancer or any other ailment that might come with the prostate.

Functions of Prostate

Firstly, it is a fact that the prostate is vital for reproduction, although not crucial for living. The prostate develops in the male reproductive system, especially during adolescence, and the male androgens control it. The prostate is responsible for transporting healthy semen, which is necessary for fertilization.

This semen contains enzymes, including citrate, fructose, zinc, etc.,  and other substances that make up the prostate. These enzymes give the sperm the ability to travel to the egg to fertilize it. The semen on its own also comprises materials vital in protecting the sperm and the urinary tract from microorganisms or other antibodies.

Prostate Conditions:

When you do not go for regular checkups, you might have a prostate condition and may not find out until it is too late.

The following are some of the conditions that are common with prostate:


This condition in men causes the prostate to swell, and this sometimes occurs as a result of an infection. However, this prostate condition can be cured with antibiotics.

Enlarged Prostate:

At this stage, the prostate has developed from its “prostatitis” stage to a more severe stage. This enlarged prostate is also known as BPH. It is a prostate condition prevalent in men over 50 years of age. Some of its symptoms include difficulty urinating, which is common in aging men. However, all hope is not lost as this prostate condition can be treated with medications or surgery.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer is the most prevalent form of prostate condition. It is also a widespread form of cancer that is found in men. However, it is essential to know that only one percent of forty-one men die from prostate cancer. Also, prostate cancer can be hereditary. Men with a family record of prostate cancer are more susceptible to developing this condition generally.

Although physicians cannot precisely say what the cause of prostate cancer is, analyses have shown that the most common cause is dietary. Men who eat the following kinds of food, including a significant amount of fats, e.g., red meat, are more prone to prostate cancer.

Some other possible causes of prostate cancer are hormones. The presence of high testosterone in the body may introduce dormant prostate cancer cells in the body.

Furthermore, men who engage in some labor, like men who work with rubber, men who manufacture batteries, welders, etc., are frequently exposed to metal, and this might make them susceptible to prostate cancer.

Other possible causes of prostate cancer include high body mass, lack of exercise, smoking, height, increased calcium intake, etc. Most prostate cancer can be cured through radiation, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, surgery, etc.

5 Steps to Better Prostate Health

It would be best if you worked towards a healthy life. However, there are several natural ways a man can help sustain his health, even with existing prostate symptoms or diagnoses. The following are some natural methods that any man can apply to manage their prostate health.

Drink Tea

There are some specific kinds of tea that are best for your prostate health; two of such include both hibiscus and green tea. This tea is made with ingredients of antioxidants and can slow or percent the growth of severe prostate cancer.

When choosing your tea, it is vital that you look out for its caffeine qualities, as tea containing caffeine can cause more problems for the body by irritating the prostate. Avoiding caffeine and soda drinks are also ways that you can better your prostate health.

Rather than consume caffeine or soda, it is wise to take lots of water, as this will make a significant difference in your health. At this state, Urinating more helps.


To promote your health, you should also consider exercising to lose weight. Research shows that exercising regularly reduces the risk of prostate conditions. These exercises are not just beneficial to your prostate health but also for your heart and can cure sexual problems.

Losing weight is a vital natural way to shrink your prostate or reduce urinary symptoms.

Strict Adherence to Prostate Diet

You are what you eat. To sustain a healthy and balanced life, you must plan and follow a decent feeding prostate feeding plan. It is best if you eat fish and plant-based protein. These include eating foods like vegetables, olives, nuts, and avocados which contain healthy fats. Other foods like walnuts, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc., help to combat prostate. You should avoid sugary food substances, synthetic foods, etc.

Supplements are Best for You

There are a great many organic supplements out there that can help you with your prostate health. Taking a significant amount of natural supplements daily is one of the best ways of restoring your prostate health. If the planned diet isn’t working for you, then supplements will. This is because most healthy supplements are obtained from natural sources with zero toxins, which is best for your prostate health.

Curtail Stress

Stress has been one of the many outcomes of varying health challenges. Stress is terrible for prostate health as it can worsen your urinary conditions and cause even more damage.

Chronic tightening of the pelvic region when stressed can result in chronic prostatitis. This is why it is important that you manage your stress levels and do away with anything that will defect your emotions and lead to stress. To relieve stress, you should consider therapy, deep breathing, yoga, social activities, etc.

Making a Change for a Better Prostate Health

Having properly understood what prostate health is all about, properly managing yourself by working with the following natural procedures above is your best bet for excellent prostate health. These procedures are inexpensive and easy to carry out. Change your goals today and experience a significant difference in your health.

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