Foot Massage Techniques

All day of walking, exercising, and working can be quite burdensome for your feet. Especially so when you last relaxed properly a while ago. And there is no better way to relax your feet than to get a massage.

Giving a foot massage to your friend can be an easy way to help him relax and express your gratitude and appreciation towards that person. Also, this is not a task that is too troublesome or something that you need to do a lot of preparations for. Just get your friend a bottle of massage oil, and you are more than ready for the task.

By following the steps and techniques below, you can make the massage as relaxing as it can ever be.

Step to Step Guide for An All-Over Foot Massage

Here is the step-by-step guide you should follow to provide a person’s feet with the utmost relaxation and pleasure. Follow the steps accordingly for the best benefits.

1. Relaxing Techniques

Relaxing Techniques
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These methods will help your toes, joints, and muscles loosen up to a significant extent. And only after doing these will you be ready for a full-on stretching session.


Sole Twists

Rest your hands gently on both sides of the person’s foot whom you will massage. Now, take a firm hold of the foot, and using both hands, twist the foot in one direction while not straining the ankle joints too much. And then turn the foot in the other direction. Stay in that position for 6 to 10 seconds, and then relax.

Toe stretches

Use both your hands to overlap the toes of a person. Do this so that your fingers overlap and the ends of the toes are free for motion. Now, with gentle pressure, arch the toe joints downward in a way that stretches the foot muscles. Do this multiple times for both feet.

Foot and Sole Stretches

Hold the foot with both hands, and use the wrist pressure in your arms to stretch the part in the outside direction. Do this to both feet. This will help actively stretch the muscles that are conducted at the foot.

Toe Stretches

In the same way, you are relaxing your soles and feet; you can also massage your toes in the same manner. Use your hands to grab a toe at a time, and use the pads of your thumbs to apply pressure over the toes. Now slide your thumbs when maintaining the pressure. This will help relax the toes; while at it, you can also try popping those by stretching them toward yourself.

2. Massage the Soles

Massage the Soles
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Kneed the heels

Rather than making it longer, keep in mind to make it more intense and effective by applying bearable pressure. Use your thumbs to the kneed and pressure the soles and heels of both your feet. Apply gentle pressure first, and then keep on increasing the pressure.

Knuckle presses

Make a fist of your hand and kneed the heels with that fist. Use your other hand to support the foot from the back, and apply as much pressure as possible with the fist. Instead of prolonging this technique, apply more force with your knuckles, and that too in small bursts.

Apply pressure on Soles

Use the thumbs of both your hands to work the area between the toes and heels of the person. Apply pressure with your thumbs, and while maintaining the pressure, slide the thumbs in a uniform direction. With adequate pressure and when done in the same direction, this exercise will prove to be the most relaxing one for the individual.

Pressure Points

A large number of pressure points that are n our soles can help stimulate different endocrine systems that work to support our lives. Gently applying pressure over those points properly can help improve your overall health. And besides providing you with all these benefits, the pressure over these points will also help your feet relax. And you can do this to both feet, which makes it more convenient and relaxing for the person.

3. Ankle Massage

Ankle Massage
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Ankle Stretches

When stretching and helping relax the ankles of a person, you are going to stretch as well as compress the ankles. To stretch, place one o your hands on the foot of the person and the other on the heel. Now, use both hands to pull the ankle towards you. When doing that, keep in mind to apply more pulling force through the hand placed on the foot to stretch the muscles better.

When compressing, place one hand directly on the heel of a foot, and the other right under the ankles. Now, use your full force to push the ankle joint inward towards the joint. This helps in stimulating and improving the blood flow in the feet.

Tendons Massage

When massaging the ankles, grab hold of the Achilles tendon with the forefinger and thumbs of both hands. Now gently apply pressure with your hands, rub the tendons, and glide your hands towards yourself. Do the process multiple times for a more relaxing effect.

Instep Massage

Use the pads of your thumbs to apply pressure over the instep side of the ankle. Keep on maintaining the pressure, and gradually slide your thumbs in the upper and lower directions. This will help relax the talus muscles that are a part of your foot muscles.

4. Foot Massage Aftercare

Foot Massage Aftercare

Water Dips

It is advised for people to dip their feet in water for a net of 40 minutes per week. This is known to open up the pores in the soles of feet. Also, this will help improve your feet’ blood flow and skin complexion.

Oil Massages

Every once in a while, you should gently massage your feet with scented or massage oils. These will act as moisturizers and provide you with the benefits that those particular oils are known for.

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