How does internship insurance work?

Intern insurance must be contracted by the company, which will be responsible for paying the premium to the insurer. Furthermore, it is considered illegal to deduct this amount from the remuneration or charge the interns the partial or full amount.

The only exception is that, when the internship is mandatory, the educational institution may undertake to cover the hiring and payment of the policy. However, as a rule, the contracting company is usually responsible.

But it is important to note that the insured is the intern, so if an accident happens – in this case, an accident – ​​it will be him or his beneficiaries who will be compensated. Beneficiaries are persons designated by the insured person and do not necessarily need to be family members.

If no one is indicated, the Civil Code establishes that half of the capital will be paid to the non-separated spouse (if any) and the rest to the insured person’s heirs, obeying the order of hereditary vocation.

What are the internship insurance coverages?

As we mentioned, the law requires intern insurance to be a personal accident insurance policy . Therefore, the main coverages are for death and disability resulting from accidents .

Therefore, in the event of an accident, the insured or the beneficiary(ies) receive compensation in the amounts provided for in the policy. This type of coverage is based on events caused suddenly and by external and involuntary agents, in the work environment or outside it.

This includes episodes that cause permanent, total or partial disability, or that lead the insured person to death . This means that this policy has restricted coverage, so you can choose to take out additional coverage, which would include funeral assistance and hospital stays, for example.

What is the difference between trainee insurance and life insurance?

As we have already mentioned, intern insurance is insurance against personal accidents, therefore, it is more restricted than life insurance. Life insurance has broader coverage .

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This policy provides for the payment of compensation to the insured or to the beneficiary(ies) both in the event of accidental death, natural death and permanent or partial disability. In addition, it can also cover per diem due to leave, special anticipation due to illness and other situations.

What is the best option for intern insurance?

The value of trainee insurance varies according to the insured capital, that is, the greater the capital, the greater the annual value of the policy. Thus, there are really economical options and with about R$ 20 per month it is already possible to take out a policy of this type.

However, it is worth the company to evaluate some issues well before deciding which insurance for interns to hire. This is because, in addition to complying with the law, of course,the insurance that will be offered to employees can be a differential in attracting good professionals and showing concern for the team.

For this reason, opting for life insurance for interns instead of accident insurance may be the best alternative for organizations. Still, having such protection is important for those who are starting their professional lives and do not have a well-established financial life.

Many group life insurance policies allow for interns to be included, which can be advantageous for the employer. That’s because he can take out a policy that includes all employees and negotiate values ​​and conditions.

Group life insurance: how it works

Grouplife insuranceis a type of guarantee that can be contracted by companies from all segments or other types of organizations, such as associations, unions and clubs, to cover the risk of a group of policyholders. Therefore, it is insurance for a group of people linked together by a bond or common interest.

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This type of policy is used by entrepreneurs, as it is much more advantageous for business than contracting individual life insurance for each employee. And more: it can be hired according to the needs, size and possibilities of the company.

Furthermore, the minimum number of lives included in the insurance is determined by the insurers and may vary. As a rule, flexible formats are offered that adapt to different situations.

Another advantage is that, in the case of employees actually hired, the organization can opt for contributory plans, in which employees pay for all or part of the insurance. The same, however, does not apply to interns, since, as we have already mentioned, intern insurance is mandatory by law.

How do I get insurance for an intern?

Firstly, as it is required by law,contracting intern insurance is one of the steps to formalize the internshipand must be included in the term of commitment signed by the three parties involved – company, student and educational institution.

Therefore, the policy is among the documents necessary for the organization to be able to formalize the hiring of these young professionals at the beginning of their careers.

The good news is that the process of contracting insurance for interns is not very complex and can be carried out online, always through an insurance broker, as with other forms of insurance.

To request a quote, simply fill out a form with information about the company and the desired insurance. Normally, brokers do not take long to respond and help identify the proposal that best meets the needs of the employer.

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