Varicose Veins Treatment Cost

Want to know the cost of treatment for varicose veins? The USA Vein Clinics treats varicose veins, even at an advanced stage. The average spider vein removal cost per session starts from $300.

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are swollen; twisted veins that can be seen under the skin and usually appear on the legs. Varicose veins or dilations of the superficial veins of the lower limbs cause aesthetic problems and tired legs syndrome. In turn, if these are not treated, they can lead to venous diseases, such as inflammation and thrombosis of varicose veins (thrombophlebitis), venous ulcers with the risk of varicose veins, or bleeding from a varicose vein and unsightly skin disorders. In turn, it can present symptoms such as fatigue, heaviness, and fluid retention in the legs.

Advantages of treatment of varicose veins:

  • It does not leave scars, bruises, or stains
  • The saphenous nerve that runs alongside the vein is not damaged
  • Having an immediate effect, you do not need bandages or compression stockings

Microsclerotherapy with foam

Dense foam sclerotherapy is a type of treatment that removes varicose veins and small vessels. The technique consists of applying a sclerosing substance called Polidocanol, in the form of a foam, directly on the varicose veins until they disappear.

One of the most common and effective treatments (several sessions) is carried out through microinjections of Polidocanol in the form of microfoam.

  • The number of sessions varies depending on the number of varicose veins removed.
  • It does not require surgeries to complete the treatment.
  • It is an outpatient procedure and, therefore, easily repeatable as often as necessary without limiting the number of sessions.
  • It is painless because the discomfort is similar to a blood draw.
  • Reduces the possibility of recurrence.
  • Varicose veins do not reappear after 2-3 years.
  • Minimizes side effects such as skin pigmentation or phlebitis (complication caused by vein inflammation).
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What does the varicose veins treatment cost include?

The first consultation: before the actual procedure, it is necessary to consult a doctor at theUSA Vein Clinicsspecialized in the treatment of venous diseases. In this appointment, the professional will see which treatment will be the most suitable to treat these dilations in the veins.

In this consultation, a Venous Echo Doppler can be performed to view images of blood flow. The initial consultation costs between $50-100, and if the patient has the treatment, thevaricose veins treatment costmay vary.

The treatment: the chosen treatment method and the necessary equipment are included in the price.

Follow-up appointmentsare also usually included in the price and are necessary for the professional to check the results.

Complementary creams, drugs, or elastic compression stockings:if the specialist sees it necessary, they can recommend specific creams, drugs, or the use of elastic compression stockings that are not usually included in the price.

It must be borne in mind that if a person is predisposed to have varicose veins, they may reappear after a while, so later on, it may be necessary to repeat the treatment.

What can increase the cost of treatment for varicose veins?

Thevaricose veins treatment costdepends on the number of varicose veins and the chosen technique. Therefore, the total cost can significantly differ depending on the chosen procedure. Thespider vein removal costcan be increased by additional procedures, such as combining this technique with other methods of treating varicose veins.

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Does the Social/Mutual Security cover varicose veins treatment?

Yes, the treatment of varicose veins can be covered by Social Security under certain conditions, which are usually quite aggressive. If you have any doubts, talk to your GP at theUSA Vein Clinicsso that they can tell you which specialist to go to and see the options they offer you and the waiting times.

Is there any financing for the treatment of varicose veins?

It will depend on the treatment used, but clinics usually offer the option of paying with a credit card or comfortably paying for surgery in installments. Do not hesitate to consult directly with a professional at the USA Vein Clinicsto see which option best suits your needs.

General recommendations

  • Always visit experienced specialists so they can recommend the best treatment for your specific case.
  • Be wary of overly tempting offers and always check the experience of the professional and the opinions of other patients to ensure that you are in good hands.

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